Cupping Therapy

This service helps with:

  • Soften tight muscles
  • Increase circulation to tissue
  • Open lymphatic pathways
  • Draining toxins
  • Relax the nervous system
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cupping therapy modern method

How it helps

This therapy takes its name from the cups that are used to create a vacuum effect over the stagnate areas of the body.

It acts as a reverse massage, pulling the tissues upwards instead of pressure being applied. Once the cup is in place, it can be moved along the skin using oils in a process called sliding cupping.

This therapy works by loosening adhesions and increasing blood circulation. It wakes the body and makes it feel invigorated, while at the same time producing a profound level of relaxation.


01. Is Cupping Therapy covered under my extended health benefits?

No, on its own you may not submit Cupping to your Acupuncture benefits. You can however use cupping therapy as a tool to supplement your Acupuncture treatment.

02. Does cupping therapy hurt?

The level of suction can be adjusted to suit your comfort during treatment. Most people liken it to a reverse massage.

03. Do the marks left by cupping therapy hurt?

Not all people are left with cupping marks after treatment and no they do not hurt like a bruise. Some people are left with mild redness in the area that may be gone after an hour while others will have deeper red to purple colours that may take up to a week to go away. This is normal from treatment and nothing to be alarmed about.

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Did you know?
Cupping Therapy is a tool used to supplement and amplify the results of acupuncture treatments.